After practicing for several years, Dr. Jeff realized that he and most other doctors were “out of touch” with reality. Doctor bills were getting higher and higher. Unfortunately, the levels of service that they were providing was becoming lower and lower.

By eliminating much of the paper work that has to be filled out when dealing with insurance companies, Dr. Jeff is able to give more time for what really matters – YOU AND YOUR HEALTH! This new system also lowers his overhead, allowing him to offer his services at fees that are affordable for individuals, families and people without health insurance. Most of our members that have insurance coverage are able to save even more money and pay less for their chiropractic health care. If you are not sure if you have chiropractic insurance coverage, you may call your company or give us a call at 540-710-7272 and Ruth will be happy to make the call for you.

Our normal fee for an adjustment is $38. Members may purchase a series of visits at discounted rates and family plans are very affordable. You see, better health does not have to cost an arm and a leg.