To Anyone Considering Chiropractic – by R. Carlson

"I’m one of many skeptics. Recently I had strained my back, and the pain was severe. After two visits to Bowers Family Chiropractic, my back pain had diminished so greatly from the work Dr. Jeff was performing that I was amazed.

Also, to my surprise, I needed little or no aspirin, Tylenol nor any other over the counter pain relief medicine. Now I find less need of antacid such as Rolaid, Zantacs, etc. All of these things are tied into realignment and nerves. Not being the doctor, I’ll leave that to Dr. Jeff.

Dr. Jeff is very thorough in his exams. He explains so that anyone will understand, and you feel very comfortable; at least I did.

Oh yes, less I forget – the cost is a pleasant surprise."

J. Nicholls --

“I first started getting treatment from Dr. Jeff when, as a 37 year-old man, I came down with a painful case of shingles. Since shingles is a disease of the auto immune system, it concerned me that at such a young age, my immune system was not up to par. After much research on my own, I found out the immune system is headquartered in the central nervous system. In short, if you keep your spine in proper alignment, it will greatly increase and aid your immune system and overall health and well being.

After a series of thorough x-rays and examinations, Dr. Jeff set out on a specific and detailed plan of attack. My adjustments started two times a week, then went to once a week, and now I choose to get adjusted every other week. As an auctioneer, the health of my throat, sinuses, and respiratory system is extremely important. I can honestly say that since I began my adjustments with Dr. Jeff, I have not had a single cold, much less anything serious. Dr. Jeff tells me that I really only have to come in once a month, but I do not want to take any chances.

Even after seeing what chiropractic care had done for me, my wife was still skeptical. Then the day after her 40th birthday, she woke up with a painful lower back condition. All I had to do was look at her, and she knew what I was thinking. After a complete examination and a customized series of treatments, I am happy to say that my wife is totally pain free and her back condition is a distant memory. She has a slight curvature of the spine, and her improvement has been remarkable. She too has regularly scheduled adjustments every two weeks.

Dr. Jeff and his friendly family oriented staff have truly changed our lives for the better. Chiropractic care is just not for neck or back problems; it exists for the promotion of total body health!!”

M. Brown --

"I'm 86 and after seeing Dr. Jeff I feel almost as good as I did at 35. My daughter had been telling me for almost four years that I should see Dr. Jeff. One day I walked to the mailbox and couldn't return home due to pain. I went to see Dr. Jeff and I feel wonderful. He's great!"

B. Giles --

"I was at the point of disk surgery to replace two deteriorating disks in my neck that were touching my spinal cord. My friends bugged me to try chiropractic. So, I called Dr. Jeff and asked him to assure me that I wasn't going to be paralyzed by the procedure. He yelped out a big laugh and he insured me that I would not be. At the end of eight weeks, I felt terrific. All my friends should see Dr. Jeff. I will continue chiropractic treatment to maintain good health".

B. Shaw writes--

“A quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your attention to my health. I have been your patient for so long now, I have lost track of how many years it has been. As you know, I continue to “abuse” my neck and back by sitting in front of a computer all day at work but you never fail to put me right. I am encouraged to see you anytime when I start to be uncomfortable. I am so lucky I found you. I thank God for helping me find you – the finest, caring, compassionate doctor I have ever had. In spite of our communication barrier, you always give your time to listen and share advice with patience. Your friendly manner always puts me at ease and encourages me to feel comfortable talking with you about what’s going on in my life. Thank you for being so kind and for helping me and Amanda to stay healthy. Your entire staff is the greatest. I feel I am welcome to be part of your family. Thank you!